Julianne James Thomas

Coach, Healer & Lightworker

What I do, who I help? If you are feeling: trapped, stuck, blocked, a void in your life, depressed or just merely need a helping hand with an issue or important decision, I’m here to help! With a few poignant questions, and unfaltering curiosity, together we will make a plan for you to move forward in a positive light. I help you learn how to make decisions and choices by listening to your heart space first, then incorporating our sometimes trickster mind, and gut instincts next.

Big happy Changes are ahead for you!!!! Just take that first step and reach out.

I am here ❤️ love@myjulianne.com


Life Coaching

Emotional Stability

Spiritual Awareness Through Nature

Intuitive Tarot Readings

About Me Here


I Only See Your Soul

The time is now to know yourself on a soul level. Our world needs you, I need you.

Initially, through forgiveness, compassion and love of self, we can then fill our hearts to forgive, love and understand others.

At some point as a child you were free. Free of societal pressures, free to just be who you were born to be here on earth. You are the only you there is, you are special.

In order to get back to the freedom of our inner child, the first step is to recognize that we are all human, and we all make mistakes. Don’t let your past failures keep you from succeeding today, and in the future.

I’m here to help with unconditional love, clarity and a vision for a better world, and the best version of you.


Authentic & Dynamic!

“Julianne’s coaching has brought clarity and focus through exploring tough questions with insight and respect.”

-Susan 64


Evolutionary & Joyous!

“An utmost pleasant experience with a coach that is always happy to see you and shines light in the places where I couldn’t see. A truly evolutionary process that teaches you that you already have everything you need to thrive within you!”

-North 21